Q: Do I send you the entire black plastic speaker/amp assembly that I pulled from the car, or
do I take the cover off and send you just the amp from the inside? Never done this before so
I'm not sure what that entails.

A: You only need to send the amp but you can send the whole assembly if you like. Once in a
while the speaker does go bad and needs replacement.

Q: I need them all done how much? Shipping? Where are you located?

A: To repair all 3 the price will be the 3 times the listed repair price. Prices listed include
standard ground shipping to the US, e-mail me for additional shipping outside of the states. I
am located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q: I have seen your name in the forums as someone who repairs the Bose speakers. How long
will it take for you to do the repair (how long will I be without the speakers)?

A: My normal turnaround is 2 - 3 days and UPS ground shipping is 1 - 5 days in the US so
depending where you live you will be without speakers for 1 - 2 weeks.

Q: I don't know which components have failed, because I don't turn it on anymore. But the last
time I did, on occasion it would make this terrible high pitched sound. I felt is was better to just
keep turned off. It is a 91 with 24K miles.  Do my symptoms sound like the typical problem. Do
you recommend repairing all of them or fixing them as they break?

A:  High pitch squealing is one of the typical symptoms of failed amps. I always recommend
repairing all 3
when you do it once one goes the rest are not fair behind.

Q: Hi Brian, do you actually buy used non working speaker amps? If you do how much do you
pay for them?

A: Yes I am always looking for used speaker/amps to buy and repair, E-mail me for pricing.

Q: Do you sell the Bose amp by themselves or do you only repair them... I took mine out to
have a look and it looks like someone has played with it before but did a real bad job..

A: Sometimes I have Amps to sell but it's not that often. Most customers send their amps to me
and I repair and return them. I always prefer that the amps have not been hacked by someone
else before I get them but that happens some times and I am still able to repair them.  

Q: I hear that you repair these units? What is your fee, turn-around time, process to get it

A: Yes I do repair the NSX Bose Speaker/Amps, see the Speaker/Amp repair page for pricing,
turn around time is 2 - 3 days, send me the Speakerr/Amp Assembly or just the amp I will fix it
and return. You can send a check along or Paypal me when they are done and ready to ship

Q: My door speakers come out with very loud noise each time I turn on the stereo.

A: Loud noises, popping, squealing, drumming and nothing are all symptoms of failed amps.
The sooner you have them repaired the better and if one is bad the rest will follow shortly so I
always recommend doing all three while you are at it.

Q: I am the one who paid over $390 to get my speakers rebuilt. I wish I had you available back
then. Who knows, maybe you were doing it, and I just didn't know. Anyway, I found out about
WORLD OF SOUND through the FAQ section (on NSXprime.com), and went with them. Just
out of curiosity, what do you charge for rebuilding the 3 speaker components?

A: At present my repair cost for all 3 Speaker/amp assemblies is $210 and that includes the
return shipping.