NSX Foot Well Speaker Removal Instructions  
Remove the pasenger side floor mat.
Remove the two plastic pins that hold the carpet
Remove the 2 screws for the passenger side knee bolster and remove it by pulling down to
release the clips.
Roll the carpet back out of the way
Remove the two bolts shown
Loosen the top bolt of the cover plate and unplug the pink and blue connectors from there
holders (middle right), remove the cover plate. Note there is a bracket on the left back of the
plate that holds a cable in a clip and the carpet on the left may need to be bent back to get
the clearance needed to get it out.
Loosen the two gold colored screws shown just to the right and left of the speaker. This car
has power steering so the left is a stud and nut and the right is a bolt. Non Power steering
cars have bolts on both.
Slide the speaker down and disconnect the grey and brown speaker connectors.
Remove the speaker, as noted above this car has power steering so you are looking at the PS power amp.

Thanks to Tom G for providing the car for this procedure and being cameraman.

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Note if you have OEM key less entry you will also need to unplug the receiver located there.