NSX Bose Door Speaker Removal
Open the door and lower the window
Pry off the front triangle piece
The clips should stay in the door as shown, if not take them off the plastic and put then back in
Pry off the rear triangle piece and put the clips back in place if necessary.
Get behind the triangle piece behind the door handle and lift it away from the door. If you can't
get it with you fingers you can use a putty knife but be very careful not to damage it.  
Once you have it lifted slide it to the rear to remove
Remove the 8 screws that hold the door handle on. There should be 4 black colored screws
and 4 gold colored screws. Note their locations and reinstall in the same place they were
removed from.
You will have to lift the handle to get to a couple of them.
Unplug the door lock switch
Disconnect the door latch cable.
Remove the screws under the weather striping around the door panel.
Work your way all the way around till you get them all.
More Screws
Make sure you get them all.
When you have all the screws removed, un-tuck the door panel from behind the weather
Disconnect the window switch.
Lift up the door panel to free it from the top of the door but don't remove it yet.
Unplug the courtesy light
The left door is the same as the right except the left door has additional connectors that need
to be unplugged for the security light and trunk release button.
Like magic, there is the speaker amp assy. One plug and a few screws and its off.

Thanks to Tom G for being the cameraman and providing the car shown.

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