Climate Control Removal Instructions
Raise the parking brake handle
With a screw driver lift the false bottom of the arm rest
Remove the 4 screws holding the arm rest.
Remove the armrest
Remove 1 screw
Pull the shift boot and chrome ring down and unscrew the shift knob
Lift the lid of the ashtray and remove the ashtray
Remove 2 screws
Very carefully remove the clock
Remove 2 screws
Release the 2 clips on the bottom side of the vent with a .015 inch feeler gauge. Be careful to
not scratch the console fascia its not shown but protecting the fascia with a business card
works well.
Picture of the bottom of the vent showing the clips
Remove 2 screws
Lift the console up and disconnect the Cigarette lighter and Aspirator fan connectors and
remove the console. If you are removing the Aspirator fan for repair you can see it just behind
the base of the threads of the shift lever. There are 2 screws holding it to the console you will
need to remove to free it from the console
Remove the 4 screws holding the Climate Control Unit
Lift out and disconnect the 2 connectors for the CCU