Climate Control Unit FAQ's
Q: I have a climate control unit in my 91 NSX that is not working. Before I saw your ad, I
sent it to the company in Tennessee for repair and just received it back this morning,
since they said they could not find the problem.

My question to you, I need to get it repaired and wanted to inquire about your experience
on finding the problems with the units.

Any insight you could furnish would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks Larry

A: Larry; Yes I have heard a few horror stories about that other repair shop. I they do a
huge volume of repairs on all kinds of auto electronics and help a lot of people but I am
sure NSX CCU's are not something they see a lot of. I on the other hand I work mostly on
NSX electronics and have repaired hundreds of NSX CCU's. I have a better than 99%
success rate on repairing CCU's and I am very confident that I can get your CCU back
operating correctly.

Q: My unit is starting to go on and off, on lower fan position control knob. The closer I get
to high maybe mid ways it will blow out air. Is this the capacitors going bad or gone bad. It
doesn't do it all the time. My unit still displays everything. Thanks and how much do you
charge for repairs.

A: The fan running only running on high or only at the highest or lowest setting
temperature setting is one of the most common problems with the NSX Climate Control
Units. 95% of the time the problem is in the control unit and 5% its the power transistor for
the blower motor.

Q: I see your many posts (on concerning electronics for our cars, I seem
to recall noting awhile ago that you repair bad climate control boards? I have one which
just a few days ago started the "only blow on High" problem. Would you consider repairing

A: I would be happy to get your CCU back in working order.

Q: Brian, I just picked up my 94 this last weekend. I noticed that the defrost was not
coming out of the vents. The CCU seems to be doing it's job, but the vent was not shifting
under the dash. I looked under the RH side and noticed that one of the motors was
disconnected. Of course, I assumed that there was probably a problem with it, but I
plugged it in anyway. It solved the problem at first, but after I started the car the next time,
the switching motor continued to click, click, click until I selected a defrost setting and then
it would stop. If I selected the center vent, it would shift just fine, but the clicking from the
motor would start back up again. Have you ever heard of this?

A: The motor could be bad or at least the feed back that tells it where it is. There could
also be a problem with the CCU itself. Run the test procedure and see what it reports. The
procedure is in the FAQ's on and let me know what you get.

Q: I believe my climate control circuit board has gone bad. Both heating and cooling are
not functional right now (comes on once in a while for short duration). Do you currently
have a good one to send to me and I'll remove mine and send it to you?

A: Sometimes the CCU's will start turning themselves on and off and when that starts
happening it's time for a rebuild. I have rebuilt control boards on hand that I sell on an
exchange basis or I can fix yours it's up to you.